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【楽譜PDF】春の足音・ピアノソロ楽譜/"Footsteps of Spring "Peaceful Piano Musical Score 001


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"Footsteps of Spring"

Peaceful Piano Musical Score 001
for Piano Solo



■曲名:春の足音 / Footsteps of Spring
■作曲:Yuusuke / Composed by Yuusuke
■編成:ピアノ(ソロ) / Piano Solo
■難易度:中級〜上級 / Intermediate - advanced

■商品番号:PMSC 2101






"Footsteps of Spring" is the music recorded in the album "Honesty" released in 2015.

In this work, the light rhythm of eight six expresses the excitement of spring and the joy of the season when life buds.

Please enjoy and play freely!

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オリジナル曲を収録したヒーリングミュージックアルバムは、Amazon.co.jp、APPLE MUSIC、Spotify等で好評発売中。

Composer and Pianist. Born in 1984.He started playing the piano at the age of 5, and began self-taught composition at the age of 13.Attracted by the healing power of music, he began making music with the theme of healing the hearts of people, including himself, and the richness of nature.Currently, he plays, provides music, teaches piano, and also designs and produces videos.Healing music albums composed by him are available on Amazon.co.jp, APPLE MUSIC, Spotify, etc. In the movie -THE ROBOT REPAIRBOY (directed by Jukou Tanaka / 2021), he is the first to compose film scores and theme songs, co-starring with Akinori Murashima, Masato Anjou, and iyo.


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